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Close-up Magic & Mentalism 

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Good entertainment is a challenge to find these days, but it’s necessary. If you are going to have a party, event, or gathering to show your appreciation for others, then finding entertainment is on your party planning list.

You want entertainment that entertains adults and kids but is hard to find. Excellent family entertainment is rare but if you live in Arizona and you’re searching for a skilled and expert performer, Over the Top Magic is your #1 source for quality entertainment for all ages.

Brady Ramsey is a dependable, proven, professional magician with years of experience. He provides reliable entertainment and is the guy you’ll want at your next party. He’s friendly, soft-spoken, and enjoyable to be around. He has a captivating magnetism that makes people want to listen to him.

Brady delights and amazes audiences with his close-up magic and mentalism. He welcomes spectator participation while making things move, disappear and reappear. Audiences learn to trust, let go, and enjoy themselves when they experience the joy Brady brings to every event.

Magic Illusion Shows Phoenix, AZ

Close-Up Magic & Mentalism

Close-up magic and mentalism are forms of entertainment that are sometimes confused with one another, but they’re very different. Close-up magic is the performance of tricks in an intimate setting with no stage or props involved. 

Close-up magic is a style of magic that involves the use of small objects and is performed in a very personal setting, usually with spectators sitting at the magician’s table.

A magician performs tricks with small objects while sitting at a table, sometimes referred to as table magic or micro magic.

Magicians often use close-up magic during close-up performances such as parlor shows or strolling gigs in which they use intimate space to perform.

Many different techniques can be used in close-up magic. Some common ones include card tricks, which involve using cards to perform illusions; coin tricks, which involve using coins to perform illusions; and spoon bending, which involves bending spoons with the strength of one’s mind (though some would argue it just involves using one’s mind).

Close-up magic is varied, but some of the most common types are card tricks, coin tricks, and rope tricks. Brady uses original close-up magic and may or may not perform these tricks.

  • Card tricks are an incredibly popular form of close-up magic. They can be performed with any card, from a standard deck to bicycle cards or even a custom deck. There are many different types of card tricks, but some of the most common ones include the following:
  • Aces and eights
  • The torn and restored card/deck (this is a trick where you put two different halves together to make one whole deck)
  • The six-way shuffle (this uses a simple method to create multiple shuffles with only one deck)


Mentalism is a form of entertainment where performers use psychology to influence human behavior and thought patterns without using actual psychic powers. Because this art form involves psychological techniques instead of actual psychic powers, many people think it’s easier than close-up magic, but it’s still just as entertaining!

Many of the best close-up magicians also perform mentalism, working out an audience member’s thoughts through reading body language and details like clothing color.

Mentalism is the art of using psychological techniques to influence human behavior, predict future events, and read minds. A mentalist can use sleight of hand, misdirection, and other techniques to achieve these effects.

The art of using mental skills to perform feats that appear to be supernatural is used by professional magician Brady Ramsey to entertain audience members. 

Dependable, Proven, Professional Magician

Audiences love Brady’s original artistry and pizzazz. He inspires while delivering an awesome performance.

Brady has entertained corporate audiences such as:

  • Target
  • American Family Insurance
  • Q13Fox
  • Remax
  • Nissan
  • Keller Williams Real Estate
  • Arthur Murray Dance Studio

And more…

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